About - Norman Choo

Growing up on the island of Borneo, my passion for the Arts was groomed in a pre-City community. Craftsmanship and elements of the environment like weather, people, and structure inspire me. My works took part in Art shows in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Australia, USA and Canada since the early 90's. Some of them went further to be included in the collection of institutions like the National Gallery of Malaysia and The Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour.

Quote “Norman Choo is a water colorist with a penchant for experimentation. While he is still developing his technique, his sense of abbreviation and abstraction enable him to execute highly evocative impressions of the land … both Raphael (Scott AhBeng) and Norman show a tendency towards abstraction in their work, towards expressionism and formalism respectively.” Written by Niranjan Rajah (Art Historian, Cultural Theorist, Curator and Artist) in the exhibition catalogue of “Between Remote Regions” in 2000.

I am currently residing in Ontario, Canada and can be reached at contact@normanchoo.com.